Intermediate housing

How do I find out when a home is available?

If you are eligible and interested in hearing about either intermediate rent or shared ownership opportunities in Camden, you can sign up to our Intermediate Housing Register of Interest. You will initially be asked a few questions to check your eligibility and, if you are eligible, you will be invited to enter some personal details and to indicate what type of intermediate housing you are interested in.

Some intermediate rent providers will consider applications from friends to rent two or three bedroomed homes on a shared basis. This gives the opportunity for incomes to be pooled so that the total household income is increased, thus ensuring that you can still be considered for the more expensive properties that you may not be able to afford on your own, particularly if your income is below £30,000.

 Once you are signed up to the register, housing providers will email you to let you know when a home is being marketed. 

 If you are invited to view any intermediate rent homes that become available, you will need to: 

  • provide at least two references, with one being from your current employer
  • have enough savings to pay one month’s rent in advance
  • have enough savings to pay a deposit which could be up to one month’s rent in advance

Please be aware that there is a very limited supply of intermediate housing homes in Camden and, if you do not receive any notifications, it is because nothing is available at the moment.

You will receive an email from the Council every three months asking you if you wish to remain on the register or change any details.
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