Intermediate housing

What is shared ownership?

One of the ways you can own a home in Camden for a lower cost is through shared ownership schemes. This means you buy a share in the property and pay rent for the remaining share. You can either buy a new shared ownership home or an existing one that is being sold by its current owner.

New shared ownership homes have the following key features:

  • you buy between 25% to 75% of a newly built home with a conventional mortgage and pay rent on the remaining share
  • over time you can buy more shares in the property (a process known as staircasing) and in doing so you will reduce the amount of rent you pay
  • the combined monthly cost of the rental payment and the mortgage is less than you would pay for an open market purchase or rental in Camden
  • if at any time you wish to sell the property, you keep the percentage of the property’s current market value that you own

You also have the option of buying a previously owned shared ownership property where you buy the percentage that was owned by the previous owner – later, you can buy a larger share of the property if you can afford to.

Shared ownership schemes currently being built in Camden.

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