Drugs and their impact on you and everyone else

Camden is for many the place to come at the weekend thanks to its diverse nightlife, from the more traditional London pubs on Camden Lock, to some of the best music venues around but there is a darker side that is in stark contrast to the fun and frivolity of a great night out.

Drugs impact on everyone

Unfortunately, for many drugs are still the norm on a big Friday or Saturday night, with people continuing to choose to not only ignore the dangers to their own health, and freedom, but not really thinking beyond the night itself, and the people affected by their decision to buy drugs.

We are asking you to stop and think … drugs are still illegal, so the person selling you that gram or eighth isn’t going home to pick up their weekly wage complete with their workplace pension.

Instead, they are going back to answer to someone who does not care about their welfare, and if they lose the drugs they have been given to sell the consequences are much worse than a post night out hangover or downer.

What you are funding

Our campaign features the stories of two young men who find themselves in unthinkable and inescapable positions. While Chris and Ricky are not real, their stories are and are far too common not only in Camden but across the country.

Even if you don’t think doing a bit of weed or coke is that big a deal, remember:

  • Drugs DO fund gangs - in fact, chances are your money has gone right into their pockets
  • Drugs DO ruin lives and not just of those who take them
  • Drugs DO contribute to modern slavery (yes really) both in this country and across the world
  • Drugs DO affect the most vulnerable in our communities, from those living on the streets to those with mental health problems

So it’s time to think – this time, then next time, the last time.

If you are worried about your drug taking, or are concerned about one of your friends, visit OneYouCamden or TalkToFrank for help and information.

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