Tips on bidding for Council accommodation

    •  Bids will open for available properties on Thursday and close at midnight on a Monday.
    • There is no need to bid as soon as bidding opens. The shortlist will not be dependent on when you bid, but on the number points you have at the time bidding closed.
    • You can bid for homes one bedroom smaller than you need as long as it does not make your family overcrowded.
    • Your points may need to be verified. It is important that you respond to any requests to provide information promptly.  
    • Please note that once verification is completed, you may not be able to keep all your points.
    • You will not be able to bid for properties larger than you need.
    • Generally bidders with the highest points will be invited to view the property.   However, certain properties may have particular features such as a sensitive let that may mean that the bidders with the highest number of points may not be shortlisted.
    • If you are shortlisted, we will contact you by telephone to invite you to attend a viewing, therefore it is important that we have a current landline or mobile telephone number for you; otherwise you may miss out on the opportunity to view the chosen property.
    • You may be sent a text inviting you to a viewing, so it is important that you check your texts regularly.
    • There is no obligation to accept a property and no penalty for refusing. If you are a homeless applicant who has accepted and then refused a property, this may affect your homeless application.
    • It advisable to bid only for properties that you genuinely want.
    • If more than one person wants to accept the property, the property will be offered to the person with the highest points.
    • If more than one person has the same number of points and both want the property, the person who has been registered the longest will be successful.
    • There may be some restrictions on properties for example; priority for ground floor properties will be given to applicants who have a medical need.

    For more information on bidding and the allocation of properties contact the Permanent Allocations team

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