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How can I get involved in community safety?

One of our key priorities is to work effectively with local residents, businesses and community groups.

We recognise that there are some excellent ideas being generated by our communities about how to make Camden a safer place in which to live and work.

Feedback, through consultation, public meetings, phone calls or emails is important as it lets us know where we need to improve services.

Suggestions, comments or questions

If you have any suggestions, comments or questions please contact the community safety partnership

Report crime or antisocial behaviour

Reporting crime or antisocial behaviour helps us build up a picture of a particular problem, so that we tackle it in the most appropriate way

Find out more about reporting crime and antisocial behaviour

There are several other ways that you can get involved. These are listed below.

Safety Views Scheme

This asks volunteers to report on what they think of the place where they live or work in the borough. This helps set our priorities.

It is run by Camden Safer Neighbourhood Board (formerly known as Camden Community and Police Consultative Group) and Somers Town Community Association. For more information go to email or call 020 7383 0000.

Community Conversations

We hold “community conversations” around challenging issues that members of the community have different views about especially when the problem effects people in different ways.

This is so that everyone involved is given an opportunity to say what is important to them in relation to the problem as well as having the chance to better understand the impact their views and or behaviour has on others. 

This often leads to suggestions and/or solutions from all parties that can help address the issue or reduce the impact it has, with all parties (including partners) working together to resolve the issues raised. 

We have recently held community conversations on the following issues: 

Safer Neighbourhoods Panels

Safer Neighbourhoods Teams are ward-based policing teams led by a community panel. Local residents and businesses are invited to join the panels and attend regular meetings to discuss the community safety issues that matter to them.

To find out more contact your police safer neighbourhoods team

Community Payback

We want residents to get involved and suggest projects that they would like to see done by Community Payback in their local neighbourhood, from cleaning up to helping with a community project.

Find out more about Community Payback

Camden Safer Neighbourhood Board (CSNB)

Camden Safer Neighbourhood Board (CSNB) is an independent forum, comprising of representatives of a wide range of community interests.

CSNB exists to provide a means for local consultation between the police and the community on all matters relating to the policing of the London Borough of Camden.

The group also co-ordinates the police sector working groups across the borough.

Go to the CSNB’s website

Neighbourhood Watch

Find our more about Neighbourhood Watch

Camden Business Against Crime (CBAC)

Camden Business Against Crime (CBAC) gives businesses the necessary tools to help reduce crime and antisocial behaviour.

Find out more about CBAC

Volunteering with the police

There are several opportunities available for people who want to volunteer their time with the Police.

You could apply to be a Special Constable who work with and offer support to regular Metropolitan Police Officers, providing a vital link with the people of Camden. Or, you could join the the Met Volunteer Programme which gets local communities more closely involved with their policing, and so improving the service the police can offer.

More information on careers with the metropolitan police

StreetSafe and community auditors

StreetSafe provides the local community and businesses with the opportunity to report incidents of street based activity that affect them or others in their neighbourhood.

If you would like to volunteer to be a community auditor as part this project, to report a problem or get more information please contact the streetsafe project co-ordinator

The StreetSafe co-ordinator is also the contact for the regular street surveys which are carried out in Camden Town, King's Cross and the West End. The surveys are designed to link the work being done around the reduction of street activity and the perception the community have of street activity in their area.

The surveys take place twice on one day each month (at 1pm and 6pm) and extra volunteers from the local community (both residential and business) are needed.

Community representatives can commit to doing both surveys in their area each month or just one a year.

Find out more about StreetSafe

To volunteer or for more information contact the streetsafe co-ordinator

How else can I have my say?

You can find more information on having your say

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