Parking permits

Parking permits are now accessed through your Camden Account. This is a simple, safe and smart online portal with a range of services available in one place. Find out more about the Camden Account

Existing customers will need to create a Camden Account in order to access resident parking permits online.

Business Customers

Types of parking permits

Upload your documents online

Why wait longer than necessary for your parking permit? You can now upload your documentation proof online, reducing your wait time. Just log in to your Camden Account.

Cancellation and refund of your permit

If you move out of Camden, dispose of or sell your vehicle, you can apply for a refund of the remainder of your parking permit. To cancel your permit and/or request a refund just click on the link below and follow the instructions:

A refund  for a cancelled permit will be calculated based on the number of full months remaining on your permit.

Please note: do not apply for a refund of the remainder of your permit if it has been cancelled by us for a breach of the terms and conditions, such as not meeting the qualifying criteria when applying or renewing your permit. Also, refunds can take up a maximum of 28 days to process.

Parking permit charges

Talking to us about someone else’s permit

Please be aware, if you would like to discuss or amend a parking permit on behalf of someone else i.e. you are not the owner of the permit, we need the written permission of the permit holder before we are able to proceed.

 Sign up for parking suspension alerts

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