Apply for a parking suspension

Minimum notice period

We require at least 17 days notification in advance of any required suspension*, this allows for processing and a period of advanced on-street warnings. While it is more likely spaces will be free, we cannot guarantee this. If your required dates are now less than 17 days away, you should consider alternative dates or the parking permission scheme

Applications received with less than the minimum notice period will incur an additional short notice fee detailed below. We cannot guarantee that late requests will be accepted or that bays will be free.

Please be aware that due to the disruption of HS2 in our Regents Park ward we cannot guarantee requests for suspensions in this area.

Applications to suspend a bay must be received by 3pm, Monday to Friday (excluding UK public and bank holidays).

* For a skip licence with suspension, please follow the separate application process. Only skip hire companies can make an application at least five days in advance, applications from individuals are not accepted.  


On your application form, you must provide us with a daytime telephone number and a contact person able to make payment. Once the suspension is approved, normally within three working days of an application, payment is required before your application will be processed further. 

How much does it cost?

Parking suspensions are charged at a daily fee of £41.86 per space, plus a single non-refundable administration fee of £66.41.

Short notice applications (received with less than the minimum required notice period) will incur a non-refundable short notice fee of £242.18. This fee will be charged in addition to the administration fee and the daily suspension rate. 

For domestic removal suspensions, the daily fee will be waived for the first day (up to four spaces suspended). The short notice fee does not apply to domestic removal applications. Please note that while arranging a suspension may mean it is more likely nearby spaces will be available, there is an exemption allowing vehicles to stop when continuously engaged in a property move. As an alternative to requesting a suspension at short notice, you may also wish to consider the parking permission scheme


In circumstances where it is necessary to park vehicles in the suspended area, no vehicles other than commercial vehicles directly associated with the operation are permitted, unless we have granted permission. Vehicle registration mark details should be supplied on application or well before the suspension. 


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