Vehicle removal policy

The key points of this policy are as follows:
  • the 14 day grace period means that no PCN will be issued to a resident’s vehicle and no removal will take place until the 15th day.
  • we are prioritising dangerous and obstructive parking and have reduced the number of parking contraventions where we’ll remove vehicles immediately.
  • we are no longer prioritising yellow lines for removal unless the vehicle is causing an obstruction (as defined in the removal policy)
  • blue badge fraud cases and persistent evaders can now be removed under any contravention code, allowing us to prioritise these types of removals.
The vehicle removal policy is available to view below:



We do not undertake widespread clamping. We take a firm but fair approach and continue to take strong action against the minority of worst offenders.

We will only clamp persistent evaders with three or more repeatedly unpaid and unchallenged parking tickets.

If your vehicle has been clamped and you want to get the clamp removed you will need to:

  • Contact Parking Investigations on 020 7974 2042 ensuring you have your vehicle registration and PCN number to hand
  • Pay the £70 clamp fee as well as the PCN charge


We continue to remove vehicles that are parked dangerously, or causing an obstruction to:

  • disabled person parking bays
  • car club bays
  • any other specific use bays (such as permit holder bays, paid for parking bays etc)
  • suspended bays
  • pedestrian crossings and associated zigzags
  • yellow lines during their hours of operation (this means at any time on double yellow lines and the hours of operation as displayed on signs for single yellow lines)

This is not an exhaustive list and there will be occasion when we need to remove vehicles from other locations.

What to do if your vehicle has been removed

To check if we have removed your vehicle call the London-wide TRACE service on 0845 206 8602, or vehicle pound on 020 7974 4444.

To release your vehicle you will need to go to the vehicle pound in person, with two of the below documents.

One proof of personal identification from the list:

  • Valid full driving licence
  • Valid passport
  • National identity card
  • Council rent card or tenancy agreement

As well as one proof of vehicle ownership from the list:

  • V5 Vehicle registration document
  • V5C registration certificate
  • Valid certificate of insurance
  • Bill of sale
  • HP agreement for the vehicle

What to do if you are not the owner of the vehicle or have changed ownership

If the vehicle has changed registered keeper you will have to satisfy the Council this is genuine and not an attempt to circumvent the debt. The below documents will then also be required (please note, the name and address must be the same on all documents):

  • V5 registration certificate
  • Valid certificate of insurance issued prior to date of removal
  • Utility bill (gas, water, electricity) issued within the last three months
  • Valid full driving licence
  • Bill of sale
  • Copy of bank account detailing financial transaction (not under value) showing purchase of the vehicle

Collecting a vehicle on behalf of the owner you will need:

  • A signed letter of authority from the owner giving you permission to collect the vehicle, in addition to proof of ownership
  • Identification for the person collecting the vehicle

Collecting a courtesy/lease vehicle you will need:

  • A copy of courtesy /lease agreement or fax from the company supplying the vehicle with details of authorised drivers
  • Identification for the driver named in the agreement

Collecting a company vehicle you will need:

  • Letter or fax from the company that owns the vehicle giving details of the person authorised to drive it
  • Copy of the registration certificate of insurance and driver identification

Vehicle pound fees and releasing your vehicle

As well as the PCN fee, you will have to pay £200 to release your vehicle from the vehicle pound. There is an additional storage fee of £40 per day, (applicable from midnight the day after the vehicle was removed). It is therefore in your interest to collect your vehicle as soon as possible.

We will not release a vehicle until we have seen all the required documents and received full payment. We will dispose of any unclaimed vehicles and property left in them.

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