Services for people with disabilities

Have your say about how we engage with people with a disability and long term health conditions

We currently run 5 regular meetings for people with disabilities, long term health conditions and older people to tell us what they think of our services and how they can be improved. These are:

  • Mental health forum
  • Learning disability forum
  • Sensory needs forum
  • Camden ageing network
  • Physical disability forum

We set these up in 2010 and are now looking at them again to see if they remain fit for purpose, or if any changes could be made. 

Over the next few months, we want to ask forum participants, and any other people with disabilities who don’t currently attend a forum, what they think is important about the forums, what they like and what could be better. We’ll be holding meetings at the forums themselves as well as a mixture of surveys and workshops to involve people in the discussion from across the Borough.  

How to get involved

From June until August 2016, sessions will be held at each of the regular forum meetings to ask participants how well they are working. The currently scheduled sessions are:

Learning Disability Forum
Wednesday 15th June, 6-8pm
Charlie Ratchford Centre
Belmont Street
NW1 8HF    

Sensory Needs Forum
Wednesday 29th June, 2.30-4.30pm
Charlie Ratchford Centre
Belmont Street

Details about sessions for the Mental Health Forum, Physical Disability Forum and the Camden Ageing Network will be posted on this page in the coming weeks.

In addition these meetings, we will be running a series of surveys delivered through our Community Researchers and Voluntary and Community Sector (VCS) partners to get the views of people who do not normally come to the forums. We will also be holding an event for VCS organisations to get their perspective about best we can deliver out Engagement Vision.

Keep in touch

This page will be updated regularly with information about how to get involved. You can also share your views with us by emailing:

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