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Safeguarding children

Every child and young person should be safe, happy and healthy.

Safeguarding children means making sure everyone is protected and taking action when a child or young person is at risk of abuse, neglect or sexual exploitation

I am worried about a child or young person

You can call our duty social work team:

Protecting children and young people is everyone’s responsibility. If you have any worries about a child or young person who you feel is being ill treated you should contact us immediately. Children and their parents may need help urgently.

Safeguarding and social care links and phone numbers

If you do not feel comfortable about telling us, or you are not sure if you are right, you can also speak to a police officer, teacher, health visitor, doctor or the NSPCC ( The most important thing is to tell someone who can help.

If you believe a child is in immediate danger you should phone the police on 999.

What is abuse or neglect?

Abuse can take different forms. It can be physical abuse like being hit, or emotional abuse such as being constantly threatened and shouted at. A child or young person who is being forced into sexual activity such as watching pornography is being sexually abused

Neglect can be lack of everyday care such as being kept clean and properly fed. Abuse and neglect can cause long-term damage to a child or young person and are always wrong.

Camden Safeguarding Children Board

Camden Safeguarding Children Board is responsible for the safety and welfare of children and young people in Camden.

It brings key local services together such as the council, police and health trusts to ensure the protection of those at risk: