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The St Pancras and Somers Town Partnership is taking place in the St Pancras and Somers Town ward of Camden from October 2016 to October 2019. It involves stakeholders from a range of sectors including the council, voluntary and community organisations, schools, businesses, health and community leads. 

The two main objectives of the partnership are:

  1. To work with community members and wider stakeholders to develop a better understanding of what makes it easy or hard to eat well and be active locally
  2. To use this insight to support a series of changes that make eating well and being physically active an easier option for local residents 

 We have worked with over 220 residents, in addition to wider stakeholders, to better understand the barriers to increased physical activity and healthy eating. The report we have written provides a specific, local context to national knowledge about healthy weight, and will be used as a framework for action. 

You can read the report here

Over the next two years the partnership will develop a series of actions, each of which addressing one or more of the insights described in the report. These will range from small steps (taken by individual groups and organisations) to larger projects with multiple partners. 

For more information or If you would like to be involved with the St Pancras and Somers Town Partnership, please contact: 


Phone: 0207 527 1081  

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