Camden Breastfeeding Welcome Scheme

Let’s make Camden a place where every mum feels welcome to feed her baby!

Many new mums in Camden start out breastfeeding but find themselves stopping before they want to.  This can be because they don’t get the right support and feel anxious or uncomfortable breastfeeding their baby when they are out and about.

The Camden Can Breastfeeding Welcome Scheme has been set up to recognise businesses and organisations that make mums feel welcomed and supported to feed their child whenever they need to. We have also established this scheme to ensure that all employees and volunteers are aware of the Equality Act 2010, which requires them to be aware of their responsibility not to discriminate against mothers who are breastfeeding a child.

Every venue in Camden can help mums to keep breastfeeding for longer by signing up to the Camden Can Breastfeeding Welcome scheme. By signing up mums will know that they will be welcomed and supported in that venue.

If you run a venue that meets the Camden Can Breastfeeding Welcome criteria you can register to become a Camden Can Breastfeeding Welcome venue by registering with the scheme.

A map of premises that have already signed up to take part in the Camden Can Breastfeeding Welcome Scheme is available here.

You can register to participate in the Camden Can Breastfeeding Welcome Scheme by filling out and submitting this form.

For further information about registering you can download the Camden Can Breastfeeding Welcome Guidance and read about the breastfeeding and the Equality Act 2010. 

Download: Guidance Camden Can Breastfeeding Welcome Scheme 

Download: Breastfeeding and the Equality Act 2010

If you are a local mum, why not nominate venues where you feel comfortable to breastfeed and we will invite them to register for the scheme

Email your nomination to

In Camden there is information and support available for all types of infant feeding including breastfeeding, formula feeding and mixed feeding. For further information is available here.  

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