Young people

What does the Youth Offending Service do?

The Youth Offending Service is a multi-agency team set up as a result of the Crime and Disorder Act. In addition to Youth Offending Service workers, it includes representatives from the police, probation, education and health. The YOS also works closely with Social Services and Community Safety.

The aim of the team is to work with young people and families to address factors that lead to offending behaviour (age 10 - 17).

The role of the Youth Offending Service includes:

    • running local crime prevention programmes and offering voluntary support programmes
    • helping young people and their families at court
    • supervising young people serving a community sentence
    • staying in touch with a young person if they’re sentenced to custody
Our next pages provide advice and guidance on what happens when young people get into trouble with the Police. Whilst primarily aimed at young people, the information may also be useful for parents and professionals.


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