Better health and fitness card

As a member you can access all centres in the borough with the one card.

If you exercise regularly, you can save money and take advantage of extra benefits available through the better health and fitness membership at these sports centres:

Membership options

Pre-paid membership

Payments can be made on a monthly or annual basis, enabling you to enjoy unlimited use of a range of facilities without having to pay each time you visit. If you intend to use the facilities more than twice a week, a prepaid membership could save you money

Pay and play memberships

You pay a low annual membership fee and then pay for activities at a discounted rate as and when you use them. If you are an occasional user, this type of membership would suit you.

Membership options for disabled users

Carers are encouraged to attend with disabled participants and will be granted access free of charge if they are required to support the disabled user to take part in the session. Carers who participate independently in the activity will be required to pay for admission to the class or activity.

Remember, you don’t need to be a member to use the services or participate in activities, but it might save you money over the long term. (Note: you will need to be a member to use the gym).

Visit sports clubs for disabled people for more information and to download our easy read guide to sports clubs.

How do I join?

Visit one of the following centres:

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