Biodiversity and nature conservation

Biodiversity and Nature Conservation

Camden’s green spaces allow people to experience nature close at hand as well providing homes for a multitude of plants and animals. There are many reasons why Camden Council is committed to conserving and enhancing nature:

  • access to the natural environment can improve people’s health and wellbeing - whether doing physical activity or simply relaxing in a green space: being in nature can make a real difference to your health.
  • nature can help young people to engage with learning in a way that might not be possible in a classroom, boosting confidence, creativity and concentration.
  • green spaces can help alleviate the effects of climate change – trees and vegetation can provide shade, reduce air temperatures, help prevent local flooding and reduce pollution.
  • making space for nature across the borough – with a a network of wildlife habitats - will help nature to adapt to climate change
  • Camden is home to a number of species that are protected by law, including at least nine species of bat. It’s our legal and statutory duty to safeguard these species.

We are conserving and enhancing nature by: 

  • offering Camden residents opportunities to get involved through volunteering and wildlife recording
  • providing more space for wildlife in our green spaces through changes in management and planting;
  • working with partners to deliver activities to engage people, particularly young people, with nature;
  • working with planners and developers to ensure that regeneration projects and new developments do not harm existing wildlife and help to make our borough greener.

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