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Waterlow Park

waterlow park

Waterlow Park, set on a hillside in Highgate. boasts one of the best panoramic views over London. It was bequeathed to the public by Sir Sydney Waterlow as a ‘garden for the gardenless’ in 1889.

Covering 29 acres, the park includes Lauderdale House with its formal terraced gardens, ponds on three levels, tree lined walkways, mature shrub beds, herbaceous borders, ornamental bedding, expanses of lawn, six tennis courts, a small playground for younger children and a natural play area for older children.

play area in waterlow park

In front of the Waterlow park centre, is exemplar planting of a dry border which requires relatively little maintenance and shows the type of plants that should survive our changing climate.


The park is home to much wildlife, including hedgehogs, woodpeckers and bats. There's a dedicated wildlife area used for education and maintained with the help of volunteers

The park is staffed permanently by two gardeners and an attendant.

Waterlow park centre

If you're organising a business event take a look at what Waterlow park centre has to offer.

Photos of the park


Waterlow Park is home to a diverse range of trees and we've produced guides to help you spot the different types and where you can find them in the park:

Friends of Waterlow Park

There is a 'friends of Waterlow Park' group which aims to represent the views of park users and work with Camden Council on behalf of the park. If you would be interested in joining to help keep this park beautiful, please contact them directly.