Intermediate housing

In April 2016, we agreed an Intermediate Housing Strategy because we know that individuals and families on middle incomes can’t afford private rents or to buy on the open market in the borough. Intermediate housing can improve housing opportunities for these residents and help us maintain Camden’s unique social mix, ensuring the borough remains a place for everyone.

There are two main types of intermediate housing: intermediate rent and shared ownership.

The following page tells you more about both types of housing, what the eligibility criteria are, how to register your interest, and which organisations offer intermediate housing in the borough.

Register your interest

What is intermediate rent?

Intermediate rent is above social rent but below market rent. Although demand for such homes is high and supply is low, this is a good option for people who can’t afford home ownership or private rent and are unlikely to qualify for social housing from the Council.

As well as being more affordable, you have the assurance that your home is built, managed and let by a social housing landlord such as a housing association or the Council.

Intermediate rent homes are usually let on an assured shorthold tenancy, which means that it is fixed between one and five years, but could be renewed.

Intermediate rent schemes in Camden

There are a number of intermediate rent schemes in Camden which are owned by housing associations and occasionally there are opportunities to apply for housing if an existing tenant moves out. Some of these are only available to key workers, such as nurses and police officers, although most are not restricted in this way.

There are also a small number of new flats being developed, including some being built by the Council through its Community Investment Programme (CIP) and managed by a council-owned company called Camden Living.

What is shared ownership?

One of the ways you can own a home in Camden for a lower cost is through shared ownership schemes. This means you buy a share in the property and pay rent for the remaining share. You can either buy a new shared ownership home or an existing one that is being sold by its current owner.

New shared ownership homes have the following key features:

  • you buy between 25% to75% of a newly built home with a conventional mortgage and pay rent on the remaining share
  • over time you can buy more shares in the property (a process known as staircasing) and in doing so you will reduce the amount of rent you pay
  • the combined monthly cost of the rental payment and the mortgage is less than you would pay for an open market purchase or rental in Camden
  • if at any time you wish to sell the property, you keep the percentage of the property’s current market value that you own

You also have the option of buying a previously owned shared ownership property where you buy the percentage that was owned by the previous owner – later, you can buy a larger share of the property if you can afford to.

London Living Rent (LLR)

LLR is a new intermediate housing product funded by the Mayor of London. The home is available at an intermediate rent for up to 10 years, at which point there is an expectation that it will be purchased on an outright or shared ownership basis. If you are offered an intermediate rent home, the provider will tell you if it is part of this scheme. There is more information about LLR at

Eligibility criteria

You will be eligible for this intermediate housing if:

  • you are a Camden resident
  • you are a non-Camden resident who has worked in the borough for the preceding six months
  • your annual household income is no less than £20,000 and no more than £90,000

What if I am not eligible?

If you are not eligible to register your interest in intermediate housing in Camden, you can find out about opportunities in other London boroughs by visiting the Mayor’s First Steps website, or, if you are considering moving away from the capital, the Share to Buy website.

How do I find out when a home is available?

If you are eligible and interested in hearing about either intermediate rent or shared ownership opportunities in Camden, you can sign up to our Intermediate Housing Register of Interest. You will initially be asked a few questions to check your eligibility and, if you are eligible, you will be invited to enter some personal details and to indicate what type of intermediate housing you are interested in.

Some intermediate rent providers will consider applications from friends to rent two or three bedroomed homes on a shared basis. This gives the opportunity for incomes to be pooled so that the total household income is increased, thus ensuring that you can still be considered for the more expensive properties that you may not be able to afford on your own, particularly if your income is below £30,000.

 Once you are signed up to the register, housing providers will email you to let you know when a home is being marketed. 

 If you are invited to view any intermediate rent homes that become available, you will need to: 

• provide at least two references, with one being from your current employer

• have enough savings to pay one month’s rent in advance

• have enough savings to pay a deposit which could be up to one month’s rent in advance

Please be aware that there is a very limited supply of intermediate housing homes in Camden and, if you do not receive any notifications, it is because nothing is available at the moment.

You will receive an email from the Council every three months asking you if you wish to remain on the register or change any details.

Intermediate housing providers

The following organisations currently provide intermediate homes in Camden or will be providing some in the next year:

New intermediate housing currently being built in Camden

Address Number and Type of Intermediate Housing homes Housing Provider Estimated Completion Date
Maiden Lane Estate 52 intermediate rent homes Camden Living October to November 2017
79 Camden Road 17 shared ownership and 21 intermediate rent homes Newlon October to December 2017
Chester Balmore Estate
4 intermediate rent homes
Camden Living
October to November 2017
Bourne Estate
10 intermediate rent homes
Camden Living
October to November 2017
Denmark Street 4 intermediate rent homes Soho HA December 2017
102 Camley St
16 shared ownership homes One Housing Group Autumn 2018

Please note that the estimated completion dates are the very earliest that these homes will be available and it is possible that delays to construction might occur.

For more information about any of the above, please contact the housing provider directly via their website.

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