Bid for properties with Home Connections

Social housing in Camden is advertised on Home Connections. If you have applied and been accepted onto Camden’s Housing Register, you can log in and bid for properties at Home Connections.

Bidding by phone - You can place a bid by phoning 0845 402 7881 and following the instructions. As well as English, the automated telephone service is in a number of Camden’s core community languages so you can select the language most appropriate for you.

Bidding by text - To bid by text using your mobile phone, enter the word ‘bid’ then ‘#’ followed by your six-digit user ID number, then another ‘#’ followed by your six-digit PIN number then ‘#’ again followed by the advert number and then ‘#’, to complete the bid. Then send the text to 0780 014 0057. Here’s an example of how a text bid should look: bid#123456#010164#987654#

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