Tenant participation

Tenant participation is about communicating with tenants and leaseholders and taking your views and opinions on board.

We are keen for residents to play an important part in improving the delivery of housing services. Engaging with us gives you a direct way to influence our decisions and to get feedback on the different ways you are helping.

This work is done by our Tenant Participation team

We would like as many people as possible to get involved with us and will try to make it as easy as we can so that it can fit in with people’s busy lifestyles.

Why get involved?

There are many advantages to getting involved with us:

  • getting your views heard and having your say
  • influencing decisions about your home and your neighbourhood
  • improving the local environment
  • resolving an issue or problem in your local area
  • meeting new people and learning new skills

Ways to get involved

Click on the links below to find out more:

Setting up and running Tenants’ and Residents’ Associations (TRAs)

District Management Committees

Camden Housing Resident Scrutiny Group

Resident Participation Strategy 2016-19

Training opportunities

Tenant Managed Organisations (TMOs)

Code of Conduct

Participation is about working collaboratively and we want it to be a positive experience for residents, staff and council members. Residents expect staff and members attending engagement activities to be, amongst other things, prepared, helpful and polite. Expected standards of staff and Councillor behaviour is covered in officer and member codes of conduct.

Those attending engagement activities need to be aware of the boundaries of acceptable behaviour from tenants and leaseholders, and the actions taken when the boundaries are breached. The Tenant and Leaseholder Engagement Code of Conduct sets out the behaviour we expect of all tenants and leaseholders involved in our formal and informal engagement activities, both in at and outside of meetings.

The Tenant Participation Team

The Tenant Participation Team works in specific areas to provide support to residents.

There are over 100 registered tenants and residents association (TRAs) but we recognise that there are still many residents who for various reasons do not participate.

We know that some people may feel excluded from wider community activities because of disability, religion, gender, ethnic group, or age. The team want to ensure that all groups have a way to tell us what they think.

We will use formal and informal arrangements to get more of our residents involved because we want to reach a wider range of local groups. 

The team will provide advice, information and guidance on good practice methods for groups. We register TRAs and monitor how well the team and TRAs are doing to improve and encourage active engagement and participation of all Camden tenants and residents.

Our work includes the following.

  • working with tenants’ groups to develop ways of increasing the influence tenants have over local services
  • working with the supporting communities directorate to give council staff the training they need to improve standards of tenant consultation and involvement
  • working with tenants to make sure residents are involved in schemes to improve their communities
  • working with local tenants’ groups to improve communication with us
  • developing tenant management organisations (TMOs) in the borough
  • supporting and monitoring the seven TMOs that are currently in the borough
  • providing advice and support to tenants’ groups such as district management committees (DMCs)
  • setting up new forums for involving tenants
  • developing accredited training programs for Camden tenants
  • developing methods of involving children and young people
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