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Building works undertaken so far

On Sunday 23 July we completed the works required by the London Fire Brigade to allow residents to return home. 

Fire safety works required by the London Fire Brigade 

  • Communal area fire doors have been upgraded or replaced
  • Flat entrance doors have been fitted with overhead door closers and repaired or replaced as necessary
  • Fire retardant insulation has been installed around gas work and cable trays
  • Stairwell doors now have smoke seals or strips on the edges
  • Basement and garage areas have been assessed to ensure compartmentation and fire stopping is sufficient
  • Ventilation grilles were checked to make sure automatic opening vents were working properly and we carried out any repairs.

These works were approved by independent building control officers from Redbridge, Lambeth and Westminster, you can read their letters below.

Friday 28 July – Euro-compliance Gas Risers 
Sunday 23 July – Westminster Building Control
Friday 21 July – Lambeth Building Control 
Thursday 20 July – Lambeth Building Control
Tuesday 18 July – Lambeth Building Control
Monday 17 July – Lambeth Building Control
Monday 17 July – Westminster Building Control
Friday 14 July – Lambeth Building Control

If you live on the Chalcots estate and have concerns about works or want to report snagging issues please phone 020 7974 4444 (option 7) or email

Has the London Fire Brigade seen the works?

On Tuesday 11 July, the London Fire Brigade visited the Chalcots Estate to review the works and confirmed that they had been completed in accordance with their advice. 

The London Fire Brigade visited the Chalcots Estate again on Friday 4 August to review works undertaken to address snagging issues. On this visit the fire brigade confirmed that the works were being completed to an acceptable standard.

London Fire Brigade’s Borough Commander for Camden Simon Tuhill said: 

“The Brigade agreed a list of works to improve the general fire safety of the buildings. While more work needs to be done, the Brigade is satisfied the initial work has been enough to allow reoccupation of the buildings.

"What has been achieved to allow reoccupation of the blocks must be maintained and there are more improvements which Camden Council have committed to carry out. We will continue to liaise with the local authority over the changes to improve fire precautions.

"No building is ever completely free from risk which is why regular fire risk assessments by the responsible person are essential and any identified deficiencies rectified.

"Residents also play a key part in fire safety of buildings by ensuring self closers on fire doors are left intact, fire doors are not wedged open and that corridors and staircases are kept clear.”

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