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Chalcots Evacuation

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Why was an evacuation necessary?

On Friday 23 June 2017, we were advised by the London Fire Brigade to evacuate Burnham, Bray, Dorney and Taplow. This was as a result of some identified fire safety works required inside the buildings, together with failed results of tests on the exterior cladding undertaken by the Department of Communities and Local Government. 

These two combined issues led to the recommendation from London Fire Brigade that we temporarily evacuate the building so that we could complete the essential works. We agreed a package of works with the London Fire Brigade that would bring the blocks at Chalcots to the required standard of fire safety and allow us to get residents back home. 

Are the blocks safe to return?

The urgent works identified by the London Fire Brigade related to fire containment issues inside the evacuated blocks. 

The works completed so far increase the length of time it takes for smoke and fire spread between flats and floors. The containment works completed to the stairwells and communal doors prevent smoke and fire from entering escape routes and entry points for the emergency services. 

In combination, these remedial works meet to London Fire Brigade’s safety requirements, however, resident safety is our top priority, this is why we are continuing to complete additional works to our blocks, going above and beyond the London Fire Brigade’s requirements to meet an enhanced level of fire safety.   

You can read more about future building works here.

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