Supplementary planning documents (SPDs)

Our supplementary planning documents (SPDs) play an important role in our planning decisions by providing more information on how we apply planning policies in Camden. Some of the guidance documents also give useful advice and best practice examples.

Camden planning guidance

Camden Planning Guidance provides advice and information on how we implement our planning policies. To support the effective delivery of the  Local Plan 2017 we are updating our Camden Planning Guidance documents. We are doing this in two phases to manage the amount of material being updated at any one time.

We are currently consulting on draft documents in the second phase. The first phase was adopted following consultation in March 2018.

Planning frameworks and briefs

Our planning frameworks and briefs summarise our guidelines, objectives and priorities with regards to the development of significant sites in the borough, and those that are particularly sensitive due to their location:

Conservation area appraisals and management strategies

Conservation area appraisals and management strategies help guide us in deciding on the types of alterations and developments that are acceptable in our designated conservation areas:

Energy efficiency planning guidance for conservation areas

This document provides guidance to residents who are considering making energy efficiency improvements to residential properties in conservation areas.

Retrofitting - making your home more sustainable

Our non-statutory guidance is aimed at home owners who wish to make their home more sustainable. 

The guidance provides information on the planning process for installing low carbon technologies such as insulation and renewable energy systems. It has a specific section on heritage issues e.g. conservation areas and listed buildings:

Energy efficiency planning guidance for Dartmouth Park Conservation Area

We have produced guidance for the Dartmouth Park conservation area as a pilot project to look at how energy efficiency measures can be introduced in to conservation areas in a way that does not cause harm to their character or appearance.  

Local list

A local list is a collection of the features of Camden’s local areas that are valued by the local community and that help give Camden its distinctive identity. This section will provide you with further information:

Evidence and supporting documents

In the process of preparing our core strategy and development policies, we collected a wide range of information and commissioned a number of studies (also known as the ‘evidence base’):

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