Planning policy documents

The Council has adopted a number of planning documents that (alongside the Mayor’s London Plan) form the ‘development plan’ for Camden – the starting point for planning decisions in the borough.

Camden's Planning Policy Newsletter

This newsletter lets you know the latest on Camden’s planning policy documents and other related work, sets out key timings and alerts you to opportunities to get involved:

Our planning policy documents

Local Plan

The Council has received the Report of the Inspector holding the public examination into the Local Plan.  This confirms that the Plan, subject to modifications being made, is ‘sound’ and can proceed to adoption.  We anticipate that the Local Plan will be formally adopted as part of Camden’s development plan at the full Council meeting in June 2017. 

Core Strategy

Our Core Strategy sets out the key elements of our vision for the borough, including when it was adopted and how it was prepared.

Development Policies

Camden Development Policies set out detailed planning criteria that we use to determine applications for planning permission in the borough, including when they were adopted and how they were prepared.

Camden Planning Guidance

Camden Planning Guidance is a series of documents that provide advice and information on how we apply our planning policies. We prepared Camden Planning Guidance to support the policies in the Core Strategy and Development Policies documents.

Site Allocations

Our Site Allocations document identifies land and buildings for future development.

Fitzrovia Area Action Plan

We have prepared an Area Action Plan for Fitzrovia to coordinate development proposals across a number of significant sites in the area. 

Euston Area Plan

Camden is worked with the Greater London Authority (GLA) and Transport for London to produce the Euston Area Plan. The Plan will help to shape change in the area over the next 20 years. It seeks to ensure that, whether or not the new High Speed rail link (HS2) goes ahead, despite Camden Council’s strong opposition to the project, we can get the best possible future for the residents, businesses and visitors to Euston.

Neighbourhood Planning

Under the Localism Act 2011 communities can prepare a neighbourhood plan for their area. Find out more about neighbourhood planning.

There are two adopted neighbourhood plans in the borough:

Policies Map

The policies map (formerly known as the proposals map) displays the planning policies in Camden.

Local designations can also be found in neighbourhood plans (see above for links to the two adopted plans). 

For identifying individual properties:

For borough or street level applications:

North London Joint Waste Plan

To tackle the ongoing challenges of waste disposal and recycling facilities, seven boroughs including Camden have joined together to develop the North London Joint Waste Plan

Planning Policy supporting documents

Evidence and monitoring

In the process of preparing our core strategy and development policies, we collected a wide range of information and commissioned a number of studies (also known as the ‘evidence base’). We also monitors the effectiveness of our policies and publish the results in an annual Authority Monitoring Report.

Statement of Community Involvement (SCI)

The Council is committed to ensuring that stakeholders and the local community are involved in all major planning decisions, as well as in the preparation of all planning policies and plans. 

The SCI sets out how we will involve local people when we prepare our planning policies and consider planning applications.

All local planning authorities must have an up to date SCI. In October 2015 we began consultation on a revised Statement of Community Involvement. In April 2016 Camden’s Cabinet decided to adopt the revised SCI which includes the proposal to stop sending letters.

Local Development Scheme (LDS)

Under the Planning and Compulsory Purchase Act 2004 and the Localism Act 2011, we are required to produce a LDS that sets out our timetable and programme for the production of planning policy documentation. The latest version was published in February 2016:

Core Strategy and Development Policies Index

We have produced an index of all policies contained in the Core Strategy and Development Policies documents to help you find our policies and supplementary planning documentation on particular issues and areas:

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