Local Plan

Local Plan Examination

On 24 June 2016 the Council submitted the Camden Local Plan and supporting documents to the Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government for independent examination.

Please see the Local Plan Examination webpage for more information.

Local Plan Submission Draft

Consultation on the Local Plan Submission Draft ran for 8 weeks from 8th February to the 4th April. The Local Plan Submission Documents can be viewed on the Local Plan Examination webpage.

Copies of all representations received has been submitted to the Secretary of State, along with the Plan and associated documents, for public examination by a Planning Inspector. When finalised, the Plan will replace our current Core Strategy and Camden Development Policies documents as the basis for planning decisions and future development in the borough.

We have prepared the Plan drawing on the feedback from previous consultation and engagement, evidence gathering and national policy and legislation.

Draft Local Plan – Previous engagement

The Council undertook initial public engagement on the review of our planning policies beginning November 2013 and a further round of consultation was carried out beginning February 2015. We have considered the responses received and used the feedback to help shape the Local Plan Submission Draft. The consultation responses, report of consultation and Draft Local Plan documents can be viewed below.

    Topic Papers

    Camden Character Study

    The Camden Character Study was undertaken to identify and describe the character typologies that inform local distinctiveness across the Borough. The study area is those parts of the borough for which the character is not already described so it excludes the conservation areas, growth areas and public open spaces. The study was prepared by Urban Initiatives Studio.

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