Pre-planning application advice

The information in this section explains what pre application advice we offer and how to submit a pre-application enquiry.

Please be aware that pre-application advice is likely to be made publicly available as part of the online documents if we receive a related application. For further information please see the Freedom of Information section below.

Why should I apply for pre-planning application advice?

 It is an opportunity for you to get clear written expert advice from a planning officer before you submit an application. 

The advice will tell you:

  • whether your proposal is likely to be acceptable at application stage;
  • what you need to do to make your application acceptable;
  • whether the proposals are completely unacceptable in principle;
  • how we will apply our policies to your proposal;
  • which type of application you will need to submit and what supporting documentation you will need to supply with it.

How do I apply?

The different pre-application advice categories and fees are listed below. The more information you provide, the better the advice we can give.  At the very least we suggest you include:

  • Summary of your proposal and what you want the advice to focus on
  • Drawings/sketches showing the proposal
  • It may help if you include photographs of the site and the surrounding area
Send your information to Once we have received your request we will contact you to take the payment.

What happens next?

Once we have received your fee, a planning officer will contact you within 5 working days and discuss the next steps.

Pre-application advice categories

Please choose the type of pre-planning advice you need.

Planning performance agreements (PPA)

Planning performance agreements set out an approach designed to take a development proposal from its conception to delivery on the ground. Their focus is to provide quality and timely advice to help shape projects and give developers the best chance of gaining approval.

They can be used for major developments, sizeable property portfolios and smaller developments with shorter turnaround times.

Changes to a house or flat

  • Fee: £432.69 (inc. VAT)

What it covers: 

  • Proposals to alter or extend a house or a flat

Changes to a listed building

  • Fee: £1236.26 (inc. VAT)

What it covers: 

  • Alterations to listed buildings where there is no increase in floor space

Minor development 

  • Fee: £989.02 (inc. VAT)

What it covers: 

  • Residential conversions up to 4 residential units with no extensions
  • Extensions to non-residential buildings of up to 499m²
  • Non-residential changes of use of less than 500m²
  • Telecommunications equipment
  • Air conditioning/ventilation equipment
  • Shop fronts
  • Advertisements
  • The demolition of an unlisted building in a conservation area
  • Minor amendment to previously approved schemes
  • Discharge of conditions attached to previously approved schemes

Medium development

  • Fee: £3708.81 (inc. VAT)

What it covers:

  • Residential conversion with extensions of 1-9 units
  • Residential new build of 1-9 units
  • Extensions to non-residential buildings of 500-999m²
  • Changes of use between 500-999m²

Major development 

What it covers: 
  • Development greater than 10 units or 1000m² can be more complex. We offer two approaches to advice for larger schemes. Please see our major developments page

Camden Design Review Panel 

The Camden Design Review Panel is an independent and impartial panel of built environment experts e.g. architects, landscape designers and urban designers, who assess the design of a proposal with the aim of improving the quality of buildings and places for the benefit of the public.

Camden's Design Review Panel is a service provided by Frame Projects and is funded independently of the Council. Applicants are referred to the panel by the Council as an external service and fees are paid by the applicant to Frame Projects for delivering this service.  

Camden offer’s three design review options:

  • Formal Review - £4,500.00 + VAT (Chair plus 4 panel members)
  • Chair’s Review - £2,000.00 + VAT (Chair plus 1 panel member)
  • Surgery Review - £1,200.00 + VAT (Chair plus 1 panel member)
Full details of the Camden Design Review Panel including its purpose, what users of the service can expect, and a list of panel members can be found here.

Freedom of Information

Under the Freedom of Information Act 2000 or Environmental Information Regulations 2004 we may be asked by members of the public to disclose pre-application advice requests and the advice we have provided. Subject to certain exemptions, we are obliged to release this information, although personal contact details are protected under the Data Protection Act.

Due to an increase in the number of Freedom of Information (FOI) requests of this nature, we have decided to publish pre-application advice automatically once a related application is submitted. This is to ensure openness for applicants and consultees alike, and to reduce the costs involved in administering FOI requests. We may continue to receive requests for advice to be disclosed at earlier stages, which will need to be assessed individually under the legislation.

If you consider that any information contained in your pre-application should be exempt it is important that you bring this to the Council’s attention at the time of your request – you should also advise us in writing of the reasons why and time period for which the information should be treated as exempt. If we receive an information request relating to your development prior to a related application, we will take into account any reasons you have provided for making it exempt and will contact you before releasing any information.

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