After an application is made

Once we receive a planning application, there are several stages that it must go through before a final decision is made.

Validating and registering a planning application

On receipt of a planning application, we will check that the required information has been provided before starting the determination process. The information within this section will help you understand how planning applications are validated and what happens after they are registered:

Consulting on a planning application

We often consult with interested parties to get their feedback on a planning application before making our decision. The information within this section will help you understand when and how we consult on applications:

Commenting on a planning application

We welcome your views on planning applications. The information in this section will help you understand what types of comments we can consider and how to make a comment:

Assessing a planning application

A planning application has to go through a variety of stages to progress towards acceptance or refusal. The information within this section will help you understand what happens after an application has been validated and registered and what happens if the application does not comply fully with our criteria.

Deciding the outcome of a planning application

Once an application has been carefully considered and all submitted information examined, it will then go through one of two routes to enable us to reach a final decision - delegated powers or Development Control Committee.

The information within the section will help you understand the route that an application takes, how we reach a decision and how you can participate in the process:

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