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Do I need planning permission?

It is essential that you establish whether you need planning permission before starting any building work, otherwise enforcement action may be taken against you.

The information within this section will help you establish whether planning permission is required for various types of common residential and business projects.

Making an application

Once you have established that planning permission is required for your proposed development, you will need to apply for the appropriate type of planning permission or consent.

The information within this section will help you understand what types of planning permission and consent can be applied for, what supporting documentation (“requirements”) must submitted with each type of application, and what (if any) fee will be applicable:

Pre-application advice

We can provide advice on how to make your planning application successful. There are a number of options available:

Pre-application consultation

We can facilitate public meetings for local residents through development management forums and councillors through developers' briefings to allow you to present your proposals as part of the pre-application process:

After an application is made

After we receive a planning application, there are several stages that it must go through before a final decision is made.

The information within this section will help you understand how planning applications are validated and registered, how applications are consulted on, how they are assessed and how the outcome of an application is decided:

After a decision has been made

After we have made our decision about a planning application, we will send the applicant/agent a formal letter outlining whether permission has been granted or refused.

The information within this section will help you understand more about each type of decision and what options are available thereafter - such as making an appeal

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