St. Giles/Holborn

The St Giles to Holborn area has been identified as a placeshaping area because it is an important, vibrant and historic area within the borough and is undergoing significant changes.

The area will continue to experience significant development, particularly through the redevelopment of the Tottenham Court Road station and the arrival of Crossrail into the area. These changes raise a number of opportunities and challenges for local communities and businesses as well as significant opportunities. It is important to make the most of these opportunities to meet local needs and achieve a shared vision. 

St Giles to Holborn Place Plan

The place plan is designated to have a real influence on the St Giles to Holborn area. it involves working with communities and stakeholders to understand local priorities, challenges and opportunities.

It sets out how we direct resources available in the area and includes a set of actions to ensure that changes in the area deliver services, facilities and public spaces that work for people who live in the area and those who work in and visit it.

The place plan was approved in October 2012.

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The following documents were used in the development of the place plan:

Community investment programme (CIP)

A number of sites in St. Giles/Holborn are included in the community investment programme.

These sites present a range of opportunities to provide new and improved community facilities, new homes and improvements to existing council housing:


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