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Placeshaping areas and place plans

Camden is a dynamic and vibrant borough. It covers a highly diverse range of places and communities from central London commercial centres such as Holborn, to established residential communities like Somers Town, and its unique and varied town centres including Camden Town, West Hampstead and Kentish Town. Our ‘placeshaping’ approach recognises that different places and communities within Camden have their own particular character, needs and priorities.

Placeshaping is a strategic and holistic way of seeing and serving different communities, matching resources to the needs of people and places. It is about the Council and partners such as Transport for London, Voluntary organisations, the NHS and local groups working together in a coordinated way to address the specific needs of local communities. This is an increasingly important activity at a time of reduced resources.

There are a number of place shaping projects being progressed. These are illustrated on the map below.

Approved place plans are also being implemented in: Camden Town; Kentish Town; King's Cross; St Giles to Holborn; and West Hampstead.

Place shaping work is ongoing at Euston through the Area Action Plan and in Gospel Oak through the regeneration programme.

What is a place plan?

They are strategic documents that focus on a specific local area. Each plan includes a background to the issues in the area, a vision for the future and an action plan identifying how and by who the vision will be delivered.

The Place Plans have been developed in consultation with local representatives and councillors. They identify local priorities and are designed to influence and guide investment decisions, service delivery and physical changes to most effectively meet the needs of that area’s communities. They are not statutory planning documents; they are wider in their scope and can include any issue that is important to an area from transport, to schools, open spaces or housing.

There are no more Place Plans currently programmed for production. The focus of place plan work is now on the implementation of the plans and the delivery of identified objectives and actions in coordination with neighbourhood planning. This includes proactive work to enable the delivery of actions and monitoring their implementation and is reliant on continuing the partnership working that characterises the preparation of Place Plans. More details about implementation activities and progress against actions can be found on place planning web pages for each area.

Neighbourhood plans

Neighbourhood plans are planning documents developed by local communities for their areas and are a new mechanism through which aspirations for local areas can be expressed and taken forward. They are an important tool in taking forward future place shaping work and are closely linked to the implementation of the Place Plans.

There is overlap between some of the areas progressing neighbourhood plans and the existing Place Plan areas. Implementation of Place plans will be co-ordinated with neighbourhood planning, recognising the strong links between them.


If you would like to find out about place shaping work or neighbourhood planning:

Community investment programme

An important part of our work which is linked to place shaping is the 15 year Community Investment Programme.

The reduction in government funding, means that we have to be more innovative in how we make the best use of our building and land to improve community facilities. We are working with local people to identify ways to unlock the value of some of the borough’s assets like non residential buildings and land, to help bring our schools up to modern standards, provide new housing, regenerate estates and improve community services.

What is shaping services?

You may also be interested in shaping services which is about understanding the real impact of changes to services on our communities and looking for ideas about how we can work together to make the best and most effective use of resources:


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