Encouraging green travel

The way we choose to travel can have a huge impact on the environment. The use of fuel in our cars not only contributes to climate change, it also impacts on local air quality, and can create dangerous levels of toxins in the air we all breathe.

Whether you're travelling to work, or just out exploring the city, we've got lots of resources to help you use greener methods of travelling.

Walking and Cycling

Get out and about and enjoy the best Camden has to offer on foot or by bike:

Use public transport

If you can't walk or cycle, public transport is the next best thing:

If you do need to use a car, have you considered the options below?

Join a car club

Car clubs are a great way to use a car without owning it. Not only will you reduce your carbon emissions, you don’t have to worry about servicing, maintenance, insurance or tax.

Be an eco-driver

If you do need to use a car you can still ensure you keep emissions to a minimum by adopting our top eco-driving techniques, helping you cut your emissions and reduce your fuel costs at the same time.

Clean vehicles

Electric and gas vehicles are cleaner, greener and cheaper to run.

Transport strategy

Our transport strategy for Camden outlines how we aim to address transport’s contribution to deteriorating air quality and climate change.

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