Extended services in and around schools

What are extended services?

Extended services bring together the wide range of different services that support children, young people and their families in Camden and help remove the barriers to learning and raise achievement.

It is not just about schools extending the school day, but about recognising that pupils may need extra support, which can be provided by a range of other professionals and services. Schools are well positioned to identify children's and families' needs at an early stage of vulnerability.

Schools are encouraged to provide access to support services for their pupils, families and their community, based on need/ demand. This provides schools with an opportunity to further enhance their support for vulnerable children and families, which in turn improves achievement and attainment of those pupils. On this page you can find documents and resources which are designed to help schools to provide these services.

Many of the services require direct partnership working and it is mutually beneficial for schools and partners organisations to work together. For example, local childcare providers can offer breakfast clubs and after-school clubs. Partner organisations may also benefit from greater access to school facilities as a prominent community venue.

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