Statement of Accounts

Statement of Accounts 2016/17 

Each year we are legally required to produce a Statement of Accounts that gives details of all our financial activities and our overall financial performance.

By the end of June, the Statement of Accounts for 2016/17 was certified by the Director of Finance. Between then and the 14th September 2017, when the final Statement of Accounts were approved by the Audit and Corporate Governance Committee, the accounts have been subject to audit by our external auditors, KPMG LLP.

In addition to the Statement of Accounts, other key documents that may be of interest and support the accounts are the Council’s Annual Governance Statement and the external auditor’s report to the Audit and Corporate Governance Committee; a copy of these documents are shown below

Statement of Accounts 2016-17 - notice of public inspection

The council’s accounts are subject to external audit. As required by the Accounts and Audit Regulations 2015, members of the public and local government electors have certain rights in the audit process; namely:

  1. Inspect the accounts for the year ended 31st March 2017. The period of inspection is between 19 June and 28 July 2017.
  2. From the 19 June to 28 July 2017, a local government elector for the Camden area may ask the auditor questions about the accounts.
  3. From the 19 June to 28 July 2017, a local government elector for the Camden area may object to the Council’s accounts.

Previous statements

The following Statements of Accounts are produced under International Financial Reporting Standards:

The following Statement of Accounts are produced under United Kingdom Generally Accepted Accounting Practice (UK GAAP), not IFRS.

Further information about statements

For more information including other previous statements please see publications and finances

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