What you've told us so far

We held our largest pre-budget engagement exercise ever in 2014 to give you the opportunity to share your views and ideas on how we can build a better plan to deal with the cuts and save your community services.

This included nearly 40 public events and meetings, an online survey on our website and social media, a pull out and feedback form distributed with our residents magazine to over 105,000 homes and a dedicated email address. 

Nearly 2,500 of you gave your views. Thank you to everyone who got involved.

You can also read more about changes to services and find out how to get involved in the development of proposals here.

Everyone had a different view on what is a priority and how we can reduce our budget. All of the insight from these discussions was considered by officers and Councillors in the development of the proposals within the December 2014 Cabinet report.

Read a report detailing all of the feedback we received in appendix B of this report (p145).

Some of the key things you said include: 

Children and families 

One of the main things you told us was how important childcare is, especially for working parents. That’s why, for example, we will keep the 25 hours of free childcare a week – we know balancing work and family life can be difficult, particularly for mums who want to work or increase their hours while looking after their children. But to pay for this we have to look again carefully at this whole area and how we focus the money on those who really need the support.

Schools, jobs and the local economy 

You told us how important it is that we continue to provide advice and support to help people, particularly young people, get into employment. That’s why, for example, we’re exploring how we can share resources and services like this with other organisations and councils – so that we can continue to provide support while saving money.

Adult social care and public health 

One of the strongest messages you’ve given us is the importance of prioritising the money we have to protect our most vulnerable residents. That’s why, for example, we will target services at those who need them most, while tackling some of the long-running social and health problems before they become more serious.

Homes and streets 

You told us about your concerns around getting quality affordable quality housing in Camden and said that we should prioritise this area for investment. That’s why, for example, despite having to reduce our budget, we will continue to build and repair homes through our Community Investment Programme and spend more money on bringing empty homes back into use.

Libraries, leisure and community groups

You were concerned about the important role of neighbourhood services like libraries and children’s centres in your lives. That’s why, for example, rather than taking a blanket approach and simply stopping services like some Councils have, we want to keep as many open as possible by thinking differently about who, how and where these services can be delivered for less.

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