Camden's financial challenge

Since 2010, central government has cut our funding for services by 49%. As a direct result of these cuts and growing cost pressures, we have had to reduce our budget by £169 million over the past eight years.

It’s not just Camden facing a financial challenge – nationally, local government, as well as the NHS and other public services, continues to be stretched.

Despite this, we’ve continued to invest in public services and have led the way in building new schools and council homes. We’ve made use of modern technology, and worked closely with other organisations to make services more efficient. But the challenges continue.

Looking ahead

We do not yet know the impact of the government’s future plans for public finances. Uncertainties around funding, rules about how funding can be spent, and income sources like business tax, make it hard to plan ahead. We’re also facing more spending pressures as our population grows and ages, the demand for services increases, and the cost of living continues to rise.

We can only estimate the savings we need to make over the next three years to be around £35 million to £40 million. To make these savings, we are reviewing our finances and looking for ways to work even more closely with our communities to achieve the ambitions of the Camden 2025 vision.

All this will help us with long-term decisions about where to invest money. Our focus will be on intervening early to prevent problems, supporting our most vulnerable residents and developing innovative solutions to make the biggest impact.

Next steps

We will update these pages as work progresses.

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