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Elections and voting

Neighbourhood Planning Referendum Fortune Green and West Hampstead - 9 July 2015

There will be the first Neighbourhood Planning Referendum for an neighbourhood plan in Camden on Thursday 9 July 2015. The Fortune Green and West Hampstead Neighbourhood Plan has passed examination and the modified version (below) meets all the legal tests. Under the requirements of the Localism Act 2010 a local referendum must now be carried out by the Council. All electors in the specified Neighbourhood Plan area who qualify to vote in a Local Election (British, Commonwealth and european Citizens) will be eligible to vote in the referendum (for further information on voting please click on the link below). For details on the Neighbourhood Plan please click on the links below;

Fortune Green and West Hampstead Neighbourhood Plan (referendum version)

Information Statement for Referendum (PDF)

Decision Statement:

Summary of Representations

Examiners Report

Neighbourhood Planning Area map

Voting in the Referendum information

Notice of Referendum

Notice of Poll and Situation of Polling Stations

Information about elections and voting

Key elections and voting information for 2015

Additional elections and voting information