Camden plan

We want to make Camden a better borough – a place where everyone has a chance to succeed and nobody gets left behind

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The Camden plan is our five-year vision for the borough – and sets out how we want to make Camden a better borough by 2017.

The Camden plan – three years on 

Looking back over the last three years, it is clear we are making significant in-roads. We are tackling inequality by focusing our efforts on where our resources can make the most difference through improvements to housing, health and employment.

For example, we have:
  • become the country’s first Timewise council – championing flexible and part-time working
  • worked with developers to create 700 apprenticeship and work experience opportunities
  • secured £9 million of investment to make cycling improvements
  • introduced a scheme so residents can make council payments at any post office, benefitting our most vulnerable customers.
But this is just a snapshot. You can read our update – packed with further examples of what we’ve achieved and what we plan to do next – here: The Camden plan – three years on

Previous updates

A place for everyone

Camden is a place that people from all walks of life call home. We think that’s what makes it such a good place to live and work.

The Camden plan’s purpose is to help make a difference to local people’s lives.

We also have a number of other strategies and plans for key areas of our work.

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