Applying for a job

How to apply online

In Camden, the online application form plays a crucial part in the selection process. It is therefore vital that you complete this form as fully and accurately as possible, even if you already work for the Council. The following advice is designed to help you, particularly if you do not have experience of filling in online application forms. All information you include is confidential. 

To help us provide you with the best possible service, all applications must be completed online. We do not accept speculative CV’s or applications sent directly via email.

If you are having difficulties applying online, please contact HR Direct

Step 1

Download and have a look at the relevant documents related to the role you are interested in. It is important to read the advertisement and job profile carefully as these will tell you what skills/behaviours, ability, knowledge and experience we are looking for.

Step 2

Click on the link ‘Apply for this job’. You may be asked a few preliminary questions where you’ll be asked to answer ‘Yes’ or ‘No’. These relate to key requirements for the vacancy and depending on your answer you may not be able to continue with your application. Please ensure you read about our Camden Ways of Working Values

Step 3

You will be asked to log onto your account. If you haven’t already registered on our job site, you’ll need to do so in order to further proceed with your application.  This is a quick process – you just need to insert your name, email address and preferred password.

Step 4

You now need to complete the application form, which is divided into the following sections:

  • main details
  • work experience
  • education
  • qualifications
  • valuing diversity in employment
  • application questions
  • further questions
  • references

For some roles, you maybe required to attach a CV.

Application questions section

In this section, you will need to state how you meet the requirements for the job. Think carefully about why you are a suitable applicant for the post. Relate your skills, behaviours, knowledge and experience to the duties of the post as fully as possible.  Take into consideration paid or unpaid work you have done in the past and any work you are doing now.

You may find it useful when completing your supporting statement to address the knowledge, qualifications, skills/behaviours and experience section of the job advert. We can only consider what you have stated in your application. We cannot make assumptions.

There is a limit of 16000 characters. This is equivalent to approximately 2000 words.
You will not able to exceed this limit, therefore please ensure your statement is concise. You may find it useful to type your statement onto a word document first and then copy and paste it into this section.

Your application will not be considered if this section is incomplete.

Step 5

You can save your application and sign out anytime you like and come back at any point before the closing date. However, please ensure you always tick the ‘save’ button located at the end of each section. When all sections are completed, you can submit your application. You’ll get an email confirming that we’ve received it.

  • if you successfully meet the job requirements, you will then be notified via email to attend the next selection stage (e.g. interview).
  • it is our intention short-listing should be finalised within four weeks of the closing date. All applicants will be notified if successful or not.
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