Priority areas

We want to work with you to tackle four areas:

  • Rough
                     sleepingRough sleeping
  • Mental
                     healthEmotional Health and Wellbeing
  • Youth
                     offendingYouth offending
  • Supporting
                     people in the communitySupporting people in the community

We know that these are very big areas. They cover a lot of smaller issues and also overlap with each other. This is why we need your views to help us make a difference.

In August we ran a series of small workshops and focus groups that were specific for each of the four areas. These workshops helps us to build a common understanding of need, issues and possible solutions including some evidence of what is already working well or where there are gaps.

In September we collected all of the feedback and ideas from the small workshops and mapped out the themes that were common across all four priority areas as well as the specific themes in each priority area.

In October we uploaded the feedback to the website (see the new archive page) and started putting together materials for the workshop as our next key co-design stage.

In November we held a public workshop which used the key themes from the August workshops and explored different activity ideas, how we could organise ourselves as a collective/partnership to deliver activities and subsequently, what resources we would need to enable preventative and collaborative activity.

Now we have put together they key outcomes from the public workshop so that people who couldn’t attend can feedback and add their ideas (see the latest news page for more details and to download the outcomes summary and workshop materials).

Download our conversation papers below with questions that we want you to answer. Each paper has been written to provide a very clear and simple overview of what we know, what data we have to support this and what our key questions are for you.

Download: Rough sleeping (PDF)

Download: Emotional health and wellbeing (PDF)

Download: Youth offending (PDF)

Download: Supporting people in the community (PDF)

Please see our get involved page to find out how you can join in these beginning conversations and also future activities.

Please see our contact us page to find out how you can contact us and be part of the Community Impacts conversation.

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