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We need your help

We have collected some information about Rough Sleeping, Mental Health, Youth Offending and Supporting People in the Community but there are some key questions that we need your help answering.

We have 4 conversations to share with you. You can download each one on the Priority Areas page.

Your answers are very important because they will help us learn more about what is happening in the borough and how we can work together to provide more support. There are lots of ways you can tell us – please see the Contact Us page to let us know what your answers are.

The Community Impacts Advisory Board met each other for the first time on 16 June 2017. They are very excited to be part of Community Impacts. They have lots of knowledge about the priority areas and a great relationship with the community.

Their job will be to make sure that:

  • Decisions are fair and transparent,
  • Activities fit with the ideas of Community Impacts and the priority areas,
  • They share their expert knowledge with us so that we can keep learning.

In the first meeting the Advisory Board spoke about

  • the key aims of Community Impacts and the process of getting us from one stage to the next. This means looking at everything we need to do and dividing it into key stages that we can adapt and change if we need to
  • their own knowledge of Rough Sleeping, Mental Health, Youth Offending and Supporting People in the Community
  • what we know about these four areas and the issues that we need to solve and support
  • ideas for we can build a shared understanding of what is going on in Camden around each of the four priority areas
  • their role as a member of the Advisory Board (Terms of Reference) and how this fits in with Community Impacts, the community and the voluntary and community sector

The Advisory Board will be meeting again in August.

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