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Come to our public workshop and help us shape decisions together

We are running a public workshop at the Roundhouse on Monday 6 November.

The purpose of the workshop is for everyone to

  • meet new people
  • see what we’ve learnt around each of the four priority areas
  • discuss different types of funding and tell us what you think works best and why
  • think about different types of partnership activities and let us know your ideas
  • review the key themes from some of our workshops over the summer
  • understand what comes next and see our progress

Download our workshop flyer (PDF) for more details.

Spaces are limited so you must rsvp by Wednesday 1 November to a book a place.
You can rsvp by emailing us: or calling us: 020 7974 5922

From the beginning of July to the end of September we ran a series of workshops that were designed to bring voluntary and community organisations together around each priority area. The aim of each workshop was to collect feedback and ideas from the content and questions in the discussion papers.

We also set up individual meetings with organisations who were not able to attend the workshops and we were very pleased to receive your answers to the discussion paper questions.

Your feedback has enabled us to expand our understanding of each priority area and also spot some key themes that are common across them all.

Download our document below to see who we contacted, what the three key themes are across all four priorities and what the main themes are for each individual priority area.

Community Impacts – Key Themes from Engagement

The Community Impacts Advisory Board met in August.

Everyone reflected on the purpose of the meeting and reviewed the progress of Community Impacts (so far). The meeting was also a good opportunity for each member to meet for the second time and hear each other’s ideas, views and recommendations.

In the meeting the Advisory Board

  • reviewed some of the key themes that were beginning to show from the workshops and your discussion paper answers
  • provided recommendations on who else we could speak to and what else could be done in September to get more feedback using our engagement grid

The Advisory Board will be meeting again in October. 

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