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Community Impacts’ Public Workshop - your feedback and ideas

We held a public workshop at the Roundhouse on 6 November and were thrilled by the amount of interest we received from so many different organisations, volunteers and officers.

With a jam-packed venue and agenda we worked in groups to discuss

  • different ideas for collaborative and preventative activities including any differences and similarities there might be for each priority area
  • how we could organise ourselves as a partnership to deliver activities together including some pros and cons of existing approaches
  • what resources already exist in Camden that we could utilise and what additional resources we would need in order to deliver effective partnership activities 

These key discussions helped us to expand our understanding of how we could best use Community Impacts funding through the collaborative approaches that could prove to be most effective.

You can download a summary of the outcomes from the workshop here: 

Community Impacts Workshop - Outcomes summary

Everyone’s input at the workshop is helping us to shape Community Impacts and move us through a co-design process – a key principle of the programme.

We know that not everyone was able to attend and so we would like to know your ideas, evidence and feedback of the workshop content.

Please download the materials from the workshop below and let us know your ideas and feedback.

  1. Agenda
  2. Recap of Community Impacts and discussion instructions
  3. Common key themes across all priorities (from August’s engagement period)
  4. Key themes in more detail for each priority (from August’s engagement period)
  5. Collective organisation approaches and ways to fund (used as examples only)
  6. Proposed roadmap for Community Impacts (October 2017 – March 2018)
  7. Organisation attendee list

Between now and the next Advisory Board meeting in December, we will be adding your ideas, evidence and feedback to our public workshop outcomes summary. These outcomes will help the Advisory Board check that we are on the right track and let us know if anything more needs to be added or explored before we take all of our collective input to Cabinet for review. 

The Community Impacts Advisory Board met in October and review the workshop materials ahead of time and provide some recommendations share best practice.

In the meeting the Advisory Board

  • reviewed the overall purpose and aims of the workshop as a key stage of the co-design process
  • shared their advice and recommendations about the proposed materials for the public workshop and what discussions needed to take place so that everyone was be able to input their ideas and work collaboratively in their table groups

The Advisory Board will be meeting again in December.

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