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Changing your name is an important step that should not be taken without careful consideration of the consequences. In this brief outline we have tried to cover the most frequently asked questions, but some points of law are complex and if you believe your circumstances warrant it you should take legal advice.

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What is a deed poll?

A deed poll is a legal document that binds an individual to a particular course of action.  The most common use of a deed poll is to change a name, which has resulted in it being widely recognised name for the legal document that enables you to do so officially. It is more formally known as a “Change of Name Deed”, but the term deed poll is more commonly used throughout the United Kingdom. A deed poll commits you to the following actions:

  • to renounce and abandon the use of your former name(s)
  • to use your new name(s) at all times
  • requires everybody to address you only by your new name(s)


Anyone over the age of 16 can change their name by deed poll. If you are aged over 16 years but not yet 18 years old, the process is the same as it is for an adult. You do not need the consent of whoever has parental responsibility for you. Please book an appointment and come with relevant ID and a witness.


A person who has parental responsibility must apply for the name change on behalf of the child. Camden only completes a deed poll service where all parents mentioned on a birth certificate (or organisations) that have parental rights and responsibilities over the child are able to attend and agree to the name change.

How much does a deed poll cost?

You cannot obtain further copies afterwards, so make sure you order as many as you need at the time you sign your deed poll.

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