Commercial property to let

There are a wide variety of properties in Camden, including many shops and premises:

Prospective tenant's application form

Pop-up/Meanwhile shops

Camden is making available, on a short-term flexible basis, council-owned shops for which we have yet to find longer term business tenants.

Interested parties can apply to take a shop for one month, which can be extended to two and then three months subject to there being no commercial tenant lined up.

A simple application form setting out the applicant’s details and the proposed use needs to be completed for consideration. An upfront payment of £50 per week (fully inclusive) and completion of a simple Tenancy Form will be required once the proposed Meanwhile letting is approved.

The following shops are currently available under this scheme:

  • Please note that we do not currently have any shops available under this scheme.


Please look under the ‘Properties to Let’ listing and contact the surveyor named there for any of the shops you may be interested in. They will email you more information about the scheme, including selection criteria, and an application form. 

Applicants with a cultural, artistic, business or community offer will all be considered.

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