Healthy School Streets

Many schools suffer with parking, congestion and road danger issues immediately outside their school, making walking and cycling less attractive travel options, which can encourage school journeys to be made by car.  This has a negative impact on children’s health and education, as well as causing inconvenience and noise for local residents near schools.

What is a Healthy School Street?

Healthy School Streets is one of Camden Council’s initiatives to make the streets outside schools safer at the start and end of the school day and to discourage driving to school.  We look at streets outside interested schools that have medium to low levels of traffic, which could reasonably be closed to motor traffic during these times without moving too much traffic elsewhere. 

How does it work?

The streets are closed by signage, and enforced by bollards raised and lowered by school staff. Camden Council staff can help the school reduce the number of journeys driven to school by providing pedestrian and cycle training, incentivising walking and cycling, and running events to raise awareness and excitement about walking and cycling, thereby reducing the risk of parking problems being displaced to other streets.


Camden’s first pilot Healthy School Street is now live outside St Joseph’s School in Holborn and Covent Garden.  Early indications are that there has been minimal impact on residents and businesses on the street, a significant reduction in the number of trips driving to school, and parents report a significant improvement in how safe they feel the school street is.

For more information read our Healthy School Streets report (PDF 1 MB)

How can I suggest a Healthy School Street?

We are happy to consider other schools which would like to have a Healthy School Street.  Please contact for more information or to suggest a location.  

Alternatively, see our Play Streets initiative. A Play Street is an event where a road is closed off to traffic for a few hours on a regular basis in order to provide children with a safe place to play freely.

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