Electronic visitor parking permits

An eVisitor parking permit is a ‘virtual’ visitor permit, which is an alternative to the visitor permit scratch cards. Simply activate 'parking sessions' for your chosen vehicle(s) by:

Frequently asked questions

eVisitor permits - general queries

eVisitor permit – Activation queries

eVisitor permit - SMS messages

How do eVisitor permits work?

Users can purchase eVisitor Permits via their existing permit account pages. After signing in, users have the option to go to the visitor permit purchase screen. There they will be presented with a notification asking whether they wish to move over to the new eVisitor Permits or to remain with the current visitor permit scratch cards.

Once the eVisitor Permit option is chosen, the screen will show you your remaining visitor permit allocation and you will be able to select and purchase the required amount of VP credit.

New users can register and apply for a parking permit

Once purchased, eVisitor Permits can be activated immediately, or when required

With an eVisitor Permit, you no longer need to display a physical permit in your vehicle. Instead Civil Enforcement Officers will carry out checks using the vehicle registration mark.

Please note: eVisitor Permits can be used in bays which state "Permit holders only" or "Resident permit holders only".

Who can apply for eVisitor permits?

eVisitor Permits are available to residents and businesses across all zones in Camden.

How much does an eVisitor permit cost?

If I purchase eVisitor permits, can I also purchase visitor permit scratch cards at the same time or for a future purchase?

No, once you have selected to purchase eVisitor Permits your account will be updated and you will no longer be able to purchase visitor permit scratch cards from this point onwards either online or in person.

Can I still use the visitor permit scratch cards I have already purchased?

Yes, you can continue to use any visitor permit scratch cards you already have.

If I haven’t used eVisitor permits yet, can I still purchase the visitor permit scratch cards?

Yes, you can continue to purchase visitor permit scratch cards but please note that the cashier's office at the Town Hall is now closed and so scratchcard purchases will need to be made online or via Contact Camden.

If I haven’t got a visitor permit on display will I get a parking ticket?

No, as long as a vehicle has an active eVisitor Permit session there is no need to have a physical permit on display. Instead Civil Enforcement Officers carry out checks using the vehicle registration mark.

What if I haven't got the internet or a smartphone?

For all permit purchases you can get online by visiting one of Camden's libraries. If you don't have internet access or a smartphone available when wishing to activate an eVisitor Permit session you can simply ring Contact Camden during office hours (Monday-Friday 8am-6pm) and they will activate your session for you. Contact Camden can also book sessions for a future time and date if the session is required outside office hours.

Alternatively you can send an SMS text message at any time to activate a parking session immediately, as long as your mobile number is registered on your Camden permit account.

Do the same terms and conditions still apply if I use eVisitor Permits?

The terms and conditions have changed slightly to accommodate eVisitor Permits and are available here:

How do I use/ activate the eVisitor permits I’ve purchased?

Below you will find 3 video guides.

If you prefer not to view the videos please refer to the following activation guide:

Can I activate a parking session for a future date or time?

Yes, you can activate a parking session for a future date using the online channel, smartphone app or by calling Contact Camden.

What is the minimum period of time that I can activate an eVisitor Permit for?

For short stay permits the minimum period is 15 minutes, which provides more flexibility than the scratch card system.

What is the maximum period of time that I can activate an eVisitor Permit for?

For short stay permits, the maximum period you can stay in any one location is four hours. You are able to book further parking sessions throughout the day but your vehicle will need to be relocated to another bay. Any vehicle that stays in any one bay longer than the maximum allowed time will be liable for a Penalty Charge Notice (PCN). Parking sessions can be booked in blocks of 15 minutes up to this maximum period.

Can I extend my parking session once it has been activated?

Yes, you can extend parking sessions for a currently active parking session in blocks of 15 minutes, up to a maximum of four hours.

Can I cancel or amend my parking session before it has started?

Yes, you can cancel or amend the parking session any time before it has started.

Can I stop my parking session once it has started?

No, once a session is active it cannot be stopped early.

Can I activate more than one vehicle at the same time?

Yes, you can activate as many vehicles as you require at the same time, subject to the account holder’s remaining allowance.

My mobile number isn’t registered to my permit account, can I still use SMS to activate my eVisitor permit?

No, to be able to use SMS to activate parking you will need to register your mobile number on your Camden Account

How will I know if my SMS parking session has been activated?

You will receive a confirmation text confirming that your parking has been activated. The text will include the vehicle registration mark (VRM), Controlled Parking Zone, parking start and end time and your remaining balance.

What is the correct format for sending an SMS message?

To ensure we receive your SMS message you will need to send it in the below format:

  1. Enter LBC followed by a space
  2. Enter the vehicles VRM followed by a space
  3. Enter the duration of your stay in multiples of 15 minutes (i.e. 45 minutes) for ‘Short Stay’ parking or enter the word DAY for ‘All Day’ parking.
  4. Example should look as follows: LBC GY56THG 30 (e.g. for a 30 minute stay) or LBC GY56THG DAY
  5. Send the SMS to 66644 to activate your parking session

Please be advised that permits are only available in 15 minute blocks. A session booked for 31 minutes for example will show on your account as 45 minutes.

Please be aware your network provider may charge you for using this service.

What happens if I don’t send the message in the correct format?

You will receive an SMS text from us saying that your parking has not been activated. You will then need to re-send the SMS in the correct format.

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