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Highway obstructions

How can I report a highways obstruction?

In the first instance, highways obstructions can be reported to the Highways team.

It is illegal to wilfully obstruct the highway. Items left in the road, on pavements or overhanging pavements are a potential hazard for road users and pedestrians and encroaches on the public’s right to free passage of the highway.

Items that obstruct the highway are also an inconvenience and cause difficulties to parents with pushchairs, older people and the disabled.

Skips, building materials and hoardings

Anyone wishing to place a skip, builders materials or a hoarding on the public highway must first obtain a licence

We issue skips licences for these purposes, which are governed by a specific set of conditions depending upon the licence required.

Overhanging foliage

Roads and footways should be kept clear of foliage at ground level. We will accept overhanging foliage provided the lower branches are at least 2.5 metres above the footway and at least five metres above the carriageway and they do not obstruct street lighting or street furniture.

Foliage that accounts for more than this will result in advice being sent to the owner of the property affected.

Advertising boards

Standard sized advertising boards (1.5 metres high and 0.9 metres wide) can be placed on the footway so long as they are against the front of the property. We will ask for any advertising boards that cause an obstruction to be moved, and in some circumstances, arrange for their removal.

Tables and chairs

Anyone wishing to place tables and chairs on the highway must first obtain a licence from our highways team.

We issue this licence to minimise pavement obstruction. The license will state the amount of tables and chairs permitted and during what hours.

Highway obstruction and enforcement

Any individual or business found wilfully obstructing the public highway can be served with a Notice under the Highways Act 1980. Wilful obstruction of the highway can lead to seizure of the obstructing item(s) and prosecution. A person (including a business) found guilty of this offence can face a fine of up to £1,000.


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