Clean streets in Camden

Free graffiti removal

We clean graffiti and remove posters from your streets and from council-owned street furniture.

How can I get graffiti removed

What is graffiti?

Graffiti is defined as any informal or illegal marks, drawings or paintings that have been deliberately made by a person or persons on any physical element in the outdoor environment. Graffiti is illegal, anti-social, degrades the local environment and is costly to remove.

In April 2007, we launched a free graffiti removal service.

We will remove graffiti if:

  • the graffiti is accessible from the public highway at ground level
  • the graffiti is visible from the public highway or public open spaces
  • the property owner, leaseholder or authorised representative gives permission for removal

We will remove racist or offensive graffiti as a priority within 24 hours of notification and all other graffiti within five working days of receiving agreement to remove.

In agreeing to our terms and conditions residents and businesses accept the following:

  • graffiti on brickwork or fencing will usually be removed using pressure washing
  • any graffiti on a painted surface will be painted over - we will not re-paint the whole surface
  • we will patch paint over graffiti using standard colours (black, white, magnolia or brick red) but cannot guarantee an exact colour match with original paintwork
  • where non-standard colours are used property owners will need to provide the graffiti removal team with suitable paint of the correct colour
  • wherever possible residents and businesses should remove minor graffiti and tagging from their own property Graffiti on privately owned street furniture

Graffiti on privately owned street furniture, such as telephone boxes, bus shelters, railways and waterways should be reported to the utility company:

Graffiti and enforcement

Those found writing graffiti in Camden can be issued with a fixed penalty notice or be prosecuted, and could face a fine of up to £5,000. We will work closely with our community to ensure that Camden is graffiti-free and work in partnership with those affected by graffiti vandalism to remove it.

We will use relevant powers to prosecute any person (which includes businesses) found to be responsible for fly posting or benefiting from unauthorised advertisements within Camden.

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