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We now issue fines of £200 through fixed penalty notices (FPNs) to people we catch fly-tipping. 

We've introduced FPNs in order to reduce the number of fly-tips we have to clear up in the borough. In 2015/16 we got more than 7,000 reports of fly-tipping in Camden, which cost an estimated £650,000 to clear.

People who don’t pay their fine or persistently fly-tip will still be prosecuted and can end up being fined up to £50,000 in court.

If someone gets an FPN, they have 14 days to pay it. However if they pay within 10 days, it will be reduced from £200 to £150. 

If the FPN is not paid within 14 days, we will seek prosecution.

What is fly-tipping?

It’s not just dumping unwanted waste on the street that counts as fly-tipping – putting out a bag of rubbish when it’s not a refuse collection day does too. Check your rubbish and recycling collection day.

It might only be one bag but it often tempts others to add their unwanted items and litter, turning the street into an unsightly mess. Remember, on street litter bins are for litter only, not for household rubbish bags.

How can I help foil fly-tipping?

Firstly, remember to put your rubbish out when it’s waste collection day – this will stop it building up. You can also take large quantities of your household waste, whether it’s mattresses, wood or mobile phones, to Regis Road recycling and re-use centre

Find out about recycling electrical and electronic equipment

We also need information about who is fly-tipping so that we can take action against them. With your help we can look to prosecute and enforce the maximum fine for fly tipping, which is £50,000 on conviction.

Report fly-tipping offenders and hotspots online

We will arrange for fly-tips to be removed within 24 hours of your report. We can only deal with the removal of fly-tips from the public highway and pavements.

If you are concerned about rubbish on residential and domestic premises/land:

Complaints about rubbish on privately owned land are dealt with by the environmental health team

Please note it will help your enquiry if you are prepared to supply a photo which will be assessed. The private sector housing team can only take action when the rubbish is to such an extent that it may provide harbourage for the vermin or is liable  to attract/sustain vermin in large numbers.

If you suspect the rubbish is occurring in an unlicensed House in Multiple Occupation contact the HMO licensing team

Housing estates

On housing estates there are dedicated bin areas for estate residents only. Bags should go inside the bins provided and not anywhere else on the estate. Only small bags should be used in the chutes and bulky items should be taken down to the designated bulk area.

Fly-tipping and enforcement

To find out more about our approach to enforcement, please read our local environmental quality enforcement strategy.

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