Clean streets in Camden

Litter and litter bins

Litter such as cigarette butts and takeaway packaging ruin the look of our streets, as well as costing millions to clear up.

Some people don’t think of cigarettes as litter because they’re so small. But they are and the thousands dropped a day need clearing up, which costs a lot of money.

How can I help us beat littering?

We have over 1200 bins in Camden, so there is no excuse for dropping litter on the floor. Please put your litter in the bin where it belongs or take it with you and get rid of it in a bin later. 

We are carrying out targeted enforcement patrols at litter hotspots and offenders who are caught will be fined £80. Areas we are focussing on include the streets around the Royal Free Hospital, who recently took the decision to ban smoking on their grounds. Our message to smokers is simple – please put your cigarette butt in a bin.

Clean Camden update 

Visit our Clean Camden news page for an update on Clean Camden

Report littering hotspots online: report litter problems or overflowing litter bins


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