Sensory needs service

What does Camden's sensory needs service do?

The Sensory Needs Service is a specialist team that supports people who live in Camden. We can help if you:

  • are blind or partially sighted
  • are Deaf or hard of hearing
  • have both a significant hearing and sight loss

The service can help in different ways. We start by looking at how your sensory loss affects your day-to-day life. We call this process an assessment. If this assessment shows that you have an eligible need, we may be able to provide you with services, for example by providing you with equipment.

Equipment to help you live as independently as possible

If you are eligible for support, we can provide equipment free of charge. The type of equipment depends on your eligibility and individual needs but may include:

  • a vibrating pad which is linked to a smoke alarm
  • a baby alarm or wrist receiver that has been specially adapted to alert deaf parents of their baby crying
  • a flashing light for a doorbell and/or telephone
  • an amplified telephone
  • a textphone

How do I get help?

  • If you are a deaf or hard of hearing resident needing advice or help, you can contact the Access and Response team who will then refer you to the Sensory Needs Service.
  • You can contact them via telephone or via TextMee
  • A member of staff from the Sensory Needs Service will then offer you advice and information, and if required arrange an assessment.  
  • Council staff have been participating in Deaf awareness training and basic British Sign Language training so we can continue providing you with good service that meets your individual needs.

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