Warning fired over dangerous gun cigarette lighters

Camden Council have issued a warning to traders that they are determined to keep shoppers safe following the discovery of large numbers of replica gun cigarette lighters.

Over the past week large quantities of replica guns and grenade lighters have been seized from the shops and markets around Camden Town. Trading standards officers swooped following regular checks which revealed the scale of the problem.

The replica gun-styled lighters are highly realistic and pose a threat to children who could pull the trigger and be burned by the flame.

They come in a number of designs, with the largest being similar to the size of a genuine gun.  In addition to firing a flame from the end of the gun, they also feature a red laser target light, which could also prove dangerous.

Councillor Sarah Hayward, Leader of Camden Council said: “Traders and shopkeepers are staring down the barrel of a gun if they think they are going to get away with selling illegal and dangerous goods in Camden.”

“The cigarette lighters might seems like a bit of fun but  I can assure people that they could cause a nasty accident if children get hold of them. 

“Members of the public should not purchase these lighters if they see them on sale in Camden, but should contact our trading standards service on 020 7974 4444.”


Notes for editors:

1.  The cigarette lighters were found in a variety of locations around Camden Town and were on sale at prices around £5-10.

2.  Pictures including examples of the gun lighters and a trading standards officer seizing lighters in Camden Town are available.

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Reference code: PR 1687
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