Preparing for an emergency

Be prepared at home

No matter what kind of incident occurs, it always pays to be prepared. By following some of this easy advice, you can reduce the impact of the emergency on you and your family and help towards being better prepared to respond to both minor emergencies and disasters.

Find out what emergencies may affect you – have a look at our Camden Borough Risk Register to learn more. This closely mirrors the London Risk Register and identifies potential local risks within Camden. Understanding the threats and hazards can help us understand what we need to prepare for.

  1. Know how to turn off your electricity, water and gas supplies
  2. Make sure all members of your household carry emergency contact details so you can stay in touch during an emergency. Consider writing a couple of key numbers on a piece of paper and keep it in your purse/wallet in case your mobile fails.
  3. Plan for how you would look after your pets if you had to be evacuated from your home (emergency accommodation shelters may not be able to take animals other than assistance dogs)
  4. Pack a bag of essential items you may need during an emergency, or if you have to evacuate your home at short notice
  5. Speak to your friends and neighbours to find out if they may need your help during an emergency (especially if they are elderly, have young children or pets), and if you can help them prepare.
  6. Find out the emergency arrangements at your workplace and/or children’s school
  7. Learn first aid – this could give you the skills to help relatives, friends and others during an emergency.
  8. Sign up to the Camden Emergency Alerts System - a free joint council and police email and text messaging alert system, for information about large-impact emergencies in Camden.

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